Marilyn Evans
Watercolor and Acrylic Artist

Painting has played a big role in the life of Marilyn Evans.  She is primarily self-taught using “how to” books; learning by trial and error.  Once she was able to complete a painting that she felt confident to share with others, and began hearing words of encouragement, she was hooked. 

She believes that many of us want to be creative, and that we all possess our own God-given talents that can be developed so that we can produce beautiful creations.  And if we really have the desire, we can learn to paint.

Her basic beliefs prompted her to work with Terry Madden, a nationally known watercolor artist, whose work has greatly influenced her.  She became MCT certified (Madden Certified Teacher) and developed workshops for beginners and intermediate painters.  In her workshops she teaches watercolor basics along with her own and the techniques of Terry Madden. 

Marilyn says, "I wanted to encourage people to experience the satisfaction that I enjoy when I have completed a painting.  I hope you enjoy my paintings"  


Marilyn Evans



MCT Certification

by Terry Madden